SourceOne signals new EMC governance platform

SourceOne signals new EMC governance platform

April 3, 2009:SourceOne is a new email archiving solution from EMC and the first element in the company's next generation platform for archiving, e-discovery and compliance.

It promises a simple and scalable email archiving solution for organisations with Exchange 2003 running on a single server, or Outlook 2007, Notes or any POP mail server in a distributed architecture.

Andy Hood, EMC Australia's CMA Staff Systems Engineer, said, "It will provide similar archiving functions to Exchange 2007 and give organisations running Exchange 2003 the option to delay that upgrade a little longer."

Initially, EMC SourceOne will archive e-mail and instant messages. Support for files, SharePoint, enterprise applications, XML and other content types will be added in the future. EMC claims that for companies with 1,000 mailboxes, savings from EMC SourceOne will average $US1 million in a single year. It also promises a reduction of up to 60 percent in storage and backup costs.

SourceOne Discovery Manager provides high volume discovery search and collection for e-mail archived by the SourceOne Email Management. It can quickly find, safely hold, efficiently cull and defensibly produce archived e-mail in response to legal/regulatory notice and/or corporate policy complaint. Discovery Manager is built around a legal matter or case metaphor and supports secure authorized investigator access, defensible collection results and chain of custody. Discovery Manager provides full international support and offers a localized interface in four languages — French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Discovery Collector is a set of complementary partner appliance offerings that automate the in-house identification, collection, preservation, and policy management of unstructured content that resides “in the wild” on data sources such as desktops, laptops, common Internet file systems (CIFS) and network file systems (NFS), networked attached storage, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and other content management repositories.

SourceOne utilises a SQL 2005 database to store metadata describing content archived in a file system or a Centera platform.

"The architecture is horizontally scalable, so customers can add processing capacity when required for instance in the case of an ediscovery request by a court, if they need additionalCPUs for search functionality," said Hood.

"We are moving away from a single threaded processing model to a task-based model, which is achieved at the application level."

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