Websense unveils Web Gateway Appliance

Websense unveils Web Gateway Appliance

April 9, 2009:Web 2.o is safe for corporate use with the new Websense V10000 secure Web gateway appliance, which embeds more than 1800 advanced analytics and real-time content inspection and classification technologies.

These embedded technologies promise protection from previously uncategorised or unknown Web content “on the fly,” including malware and Web 2.0 threats.

The device categorises specific content on Web pages such as “mash ups” – not just the Web pages themselves – allowing IT managers to grant access to Web 2.0 sites while their organisations are protected from sections of sites that are inappropriate or a security risk.

It also promises visibility into and protection from user-generated content threats such as spam and malicious links posted as comments to social Web sites, including blogs, forums and social networking sites.

The Websense V10000 appliance also offers integrated control for both inbound content through the Websense Web Security Gateway, and outbound communications, through integration with the Websense Data Security Suite.

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