concrete5 sets sights on Drupal and Joomla

concrete5 sets sights on Drupal and Joomla

April 15, 2009:concrete CMS has announced the latest version of its open source Content Management System (CMS).

concrete5 promises the ease-of-use of a blogging platform with the flexibility and power of a web development platform.

New features in the GA version of concrete5 include:

Upgraded file manager: includes a completely revamped interface and improved searching and ordering;

Picnik integration: tight integration with the online image editor enables users to crop, resize and make other alterations to images right from within the browser;

Automated site augmentation: users can shop for themes and add-ons in the concrete5 marketplace and have them automatically installed on a 3rd-party site without touching a line of code or even opening FTP;Advanced permissions: users can grant administrators access to work with all files, or just the files they've uploaded, and limit which file types can be added by which users. Individual files can now have their own permissions and passwords;

New help system: Help now connects directly, returning results to questions and requests in real time. Additional help can be requested directly through the interface.concrete5 was built from the ground up for in-context editing, giving site owners a toolbar that enables them to make edits directly on the page they want to update. Independent web developers and creative agencies are able to build client sites, quickly train end users on making updates, and then hand the site off to the client to maintain and update themselves.

"As long-time web developers, we saw a real need in the market for a platform that was strong enough for geeks, but made for marketing. Developers want flexibility and power; site owners want to be able to update their own sites. This is why we developed concrete5," said FranzMaruna, founder and CEO of concrete CMS.

"The feedback we've gotten from our users has been tremendous - we hear time and again that concrete5 is allowing them to work faster, close more business and improve client satisfaction."

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