SaaS email archiving adds eDiscovery features

SaaS email archiving adds eDiscovery features

June 10, 2009:Proofpoint has introduced a new version of its SaaS email archiving solution that introduces features for faster and easier eDiscovery and improved management of legal holds including new policy engine and workflow enhancements, improved support for historical email, enhanced end user search capabilities and support for Instant Message (IM) archiving.

The Proofpoint ARCHIVE solution securely stores encrypted email data in the cloud while the on-site Proofpoint ARCHIVE appliance ensures security between the local email server and Proofpoint's storage cloud.

The new version of Proofpoint ARCHIVE incorporates support for indefinite email retentionperiods and more granular control of archiving policies. An Active Legal Hold System preserves the integrity of historical email and captures new email that is relevant to ongoing legal holds

The supervision capabilities of Proofpoint ARCHIVE have been enhanced with the ability tocomment, forward or close messages in a review queue and the ability to more easily locate archived emails related to a message under review.

Stubbing of historical email and enhanced retention policies for stubbed email attachments have been added, whereby email attachments stored in Exchange are replaced with a much smaller 'stub' file that points to an archived copy of the original attachment, greatly reducing the storage requirements on the local Exchange server.

An improved search interface simplifies complex searches whilethe ability to archive Instant Messaging (IM) conversations from Microsoft Office Communications Server has been added.

The new version of Proofpoint ARCHIVE(TM) will be available in July 2009. Pricing for the service starts at $US32 per user per year.