CCH reveals new eDiscovery service

CCH reveals new eDiscovery service

June 23, 2009:Technology that can speed up response to an eDiscovery order has been introduced to Australia by Litigation support specialist CCH Workflow Solutions.

CCH Reveal, as it is known, uses the Equivio platform to provide automated document prioritisation.

Traditionally, lawyers use keywords to pre-filter documents prior to detailed review, a method which can miss many of the relevant documents while yielding mainly irrelevant documents. As a result of this, only a fraction of the relevant documents make it to the detailed review stage, while many of the documents that are submitted for review are in fact not relevant.

Moreover, the keywords approach is typically binary, meaning that documents are either included or not. There is no graduated scale of relevance. This rigid approach does not allow for relative ranking of documents, making it extremely difficult to manage and prioritise document review.

Based on the initial input from the lead lawyer, CCH Reveal uses statistical and self-learning techniques to calculate graduated relevance scores for each document in the data collection. It also uses a statistical model to calculate the precision and recall achieved by the software. This statistical model is used to provide a new level ofmeasurability and control in the eDiscovery arena, while also helping to ensure the defensibility and transparency of the process.

CCH Reveal drives value throughout the eDiscovery process through:

• Early case assessment: CCH Reveal facilitates rapid assessment of the key issues and concepts in a case.

• Culling: CCH Reveal achieves high levels of recall and precision, helping overcome the challenges of over and under-inclusion that characterise traditional keyword methods.

• Review prioritization: By organising the review set according to relevance rankings, CCH Reveal enables prioritisation of document review. This allows lawyers to immediately focus on the most relevant documents.

• Review quality assurance: By identifying discrepancies in the responsiveness designations of CCH Reveal vis-à-vis the human review team, the application helps find responsive documents missed in the detail review. Similarly, the discrepancies can be used to locate documents incorrectly marked by the human review team as responsive.

CCH Reveal also generates a list of keywords that characterise relevant documents in the collection. These automatically-generated keywords can be used to supplement and enhance the manual list of keywords built by the legal team.

“CCH Reveal not only reduces the risk of missing key data, it streamlines the review process by enabling lawyers to review fewer and more relevant documents.” said ScottGillard, Electronic Services Manager of CCH Workflow Solutions.

“Not since near-duplicate detection have we seen such an exciting ediscovery product come to the Australian market. CCH Workflow Solutions is proud to be the first to bring this type of technology to Australia - we know our clients are going to benefit greatly from the automation, accuracy and consistency it provides them”.

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