Archival and eDiscovery for Google Apps

Archival and eDiscovery for Google Apps

July 24, 2009:Salvair has announced the general availability of its Version 2 software for Google Docs Archival and eDiscovery.

The latest release of the software allows for more flexibility in how documents are archived, and has performance improvements for archives and for document restoration using the "un-delete" functionality of the product.

"The newest release provides the ability to backup Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and PDFs in a very rapid fashion," said Tom Cooper, the company Founder.

"We have improved the eDiscovery capabilities within the archive, and we have allowed full domain or per user backup capabilities in the product."

This flexibility gives companies the option of archiving Google Docs for an entire domain, or for select subset of users within a domain.

Salvair also announced a program for EDU and non-profit companies to take advantage of the Google Docs Archival and eDiscovery Product at significantly reduced prices.

Of this program, Cooper said, "We are focused exclusively on cloud computing and extending its benefits to a wide audience. In many cases educational and non-profit organisations have the same back office requirements as large corporations, without the commensurate budgets. We want to help every user who wishes to use Google Apps as their messaging and collaboration platform."