Get the GOSS on SharePoint Web content management

Get the GOSS on SharePoint Web content management

August 7, 2009:Web Content Management specialist, GOSS Interactive, is launching technology to enable multiple users, contributors and administrators to publish content stored within the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), to the web.

The GOSS iCM SharePoint Connector provides the benefits of collaboration without need for investment in Microsoft server licences and Client Access licences, as deployments expand.

A browser-based technology, GOSS iCM SharePoint Connector requires little technical know-how to set up and use, so minimal administrator training is required. It provides users with control over which documents in SharePoint are presented on their website, ensuring that one single, up to date, correct version is always published.

Rob McCarthy, Managing Director at GOSS Interactive, explains, “The SharePoint Connector was created to help our customers link two of their key business tools; utilising content from SharePoint for the web, via GOSS iCM. The concept is simple: A document is created in SharePoint, the connector automatically synchronises the document with GOSS iCM, which controls the publication of the document to one or many websites. The document can then be updated or removed in SharePoint, and the updated version will be automatically published on the website or removed.

“There are tactical timesaving and collaboration benefits, and potential costs savings as fewer MS server licences will need to be purchased. Plus it is really easy for content contributors, as an absolute minimum of training is required.”

Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies is a collection of products and software elements that include Internet Explorer based collaboration functions, process management modules, search modules and a document-management platform.