IBM puts analytics into ediscovery

IBM puts analytics into ediscovery

August 19, 2009:IBM has announced new eDiscovery software that uses analytics features to help minimise legal discovery costs and improve legal strategy decisions.

New features in IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager and IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Analyzer include enhanced early case assessment functionality, extended support for additional types of electronically stored information (ESI) content, and open application programming interfaces (APIs) for partner solution integration.

They promise to accelerate organisational agility in responding to litigation, regulatory, and freedom of information requests.

IBM believes the ability to visualise email communications patterns across an organisation could help discover unexpected communications, identify new individuals whose information is subject to review, and trace the flow of topics over time.

Additionally, the new IBM offerings expand support for processing, analyzing, searching, and holding multiple forms of ESI support, including the ability to export processed and analyzed ESI in the industry-standard EDRM XML format.

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