Autonomy looks for meaning in health data

Autonomy has announced a new set of clinical diagnosis and information governance technologies for the healthcare market.

The platform is designed to confront a constantly growing volume of unstructured and structured healthcare information, increasingly complex industry regulations, and heightened patient expectations and empowerment. Also, healthcare providers worldwide face an increasing pressure to move to Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Autonomy Auminence, al point-of-care analysis dashboard, is designed to help the provider make better quality, data-driven, evidence-based diagnosis decisions. Based on Autonomy's Bayesian inference technology, it allows a healthcare professional to combine their personal knowledge with the wealth of knowledge that exists on the patient and their symptoms, clinical features, and related diseases - contained in the vast volumes of "human-friendly" information that make up healthcare data.

According to the company, “Auminence provides a checklist of diagnoses for the clinician to consider - indicating diagnoses that have the strongest statistical significance - and also presents to the provider the all-important "unknown-unknowns" that are ever-present at the point-of-care. These diagnoses may not be obvious, but by connecting together important pieces of Electronic Medical Record data, lead conclusively to a strong candidate for the correct diagnosis.”


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