SilentRunner reveals network secrets

AccessData has announced the release of SilentRunner Mobile, a network forensics solution that collects network traffic at 100 megabits per second.

Designed for quick deployment with a flexible architecture, SilentRunner Mobile is aimed at law enforcement, government and corporate investigations, while allowing for distributed installation to facilitate ongoing cyber security monitoring and analysis.

Operating like a network surveillance camera, SilentRunner Mobile allows users to monitor, capture, analyse and graphically visualise network traffic to see exactly what a suspect or exploit is doing during a an investigation. Captured network activity can be played back on demand. Furthermore, because it is easy to deploy, users can quickly access network traffic once surveillance is determined to be necessary.

“We’re excited to be able to deliver these enhancements to our 100Mbps network forensics solution. We pride ourselves on providing a variety of solutions suited to address digital investigations of all sizes and complexities, and SilentRunner Mobile is an ideal option for investigations or network monitoring that does not require data capture at Gig speeds,” stated Jason Mical, Director of Network Forensics at AccessData Group.

AccessData is also the maker of SilentRunner Sentinel, which is designed for enterprise-class cyber security operations, enabling the capture of network traffic at gig speeds.

Enhancements to SilentRunner Mobile include the following:
* a Web-based network overview delivered via a new SilverLight interface that gives real-time visibility into all network communications.
* Web-based interface that delivers complete command and control over multiple collectors.
* Built-in chat query allows users to view AOL, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo and more. Built-in webmail query to collect Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo content. In addition, users can record all posts to Twitter and Facebook and query data for keywords, URLs, pictures and more.
Users can search for data within attachments and any fields within email communications, while real-time alert notifications are provided via email.
Captured VoIP calls can be played back in seconds.