Redaction for the enterprise

Informative Graphics has announced the launch of two new solutions: Redact-It Enterprise and Net-It Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Redact-It Enterprise (RIE) for SharePoint 2010 completely removes sensitive content from electronic documents for safe, efficient distribution to courts, the media, customers, vendors or any other audience not authorized to see the complete content.

Built to leverage the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, RIE can be integrated into an automated workflow process or can redact content across entire SharePoint libraries.

IGC's rich redaction technology can search for text or patterns like Tax File numbers or phone numbers, or it can apply a template to redact specific areas or zones on forms. The easy-to-use interface works with virtually any format and creates a PDF, TIFF or CSF (Content Secure Format) rendition of the redacted file, leaving the original document untouched. RIE assists in regulatory compliance and ensures alignment with privacy policies.

Net-It Enterprise (NIE) for SharePoint 2010 converts documents to PDF, TIFF, or CSF for archiving or sharing read-only versions. NIE can publish selected pages of a document or add banners and watermarks to a document for tracking purposes. Build Net-It into your SharePoint workflows, have it monitor a SharePoint library for new documents to publish, or configure it so it will publish based on SharePoint metadata.

NIE eliminates cumbersome document conversion and publishing by automating the entire process. It can be used out-of-the-box in SharePoint or integrated into other SharePoint-based solutions. Net-It lets you publish an accurate reproduction of your original documents and assists with internal records management policies.