Autonomy powers new HP appliances

The first fruits of HP’s Autonomy acquisition have emerged in a series of new appliances for for archiving, ediscovery, and enterprise search running on HP ProLiant servers and HP Storage.

Based on  the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), the new appliances are purpose-built solutions that leverage Autonomy's private cloud, Autonomy Digital Safe, now over 31 Petabytes.

The Archiving appliance automatically ingests, deduplicates, indexes and extracts metadata from all data types, including audio, video, social media, email, web content and SharePoint files.

End-to-end ediscovery capabilities include identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review and production. The appliance also includes a dashboard that provides visibility into each phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, and analysis of critical data points, including case status, cost, data volume and litigation trends.

The Enterprise Search Appliance aims to provide visibility into the entire spectrum of enterprise data, from unstructured to structured data. It includes automatic categorisation, tagging, linking, retrieval and profiling of all forms of data regardless of repository, enabling the delivery of large volumes of pertinent information.