Nuix plots ediscovery path for 2012

Nuix, a worldwide provider of information management technologies, including eDiscovery, information governance and electronic investigation, has released its 2012 trends commentary.

In "eDiscovery: Where are we going in 2012?" Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy maps out how organisations can begin to manage the staggering volumes of new information generated by global organisations each day.

Sheehy's conclusion is that this tidal wave of electronic information will reach a tipping point, forcing organisations to take a more proactive approach to data management, and that companies with advanced ediscovery tools already in place are best positioned to do this.

The following Top 5 predictions for Big Data trends in 2012 are further explored:
1.    Organisations will realize how outrageous the expense is to store electronic information and will take steps to minimise data;
2.    Information governance will streamline the identification and categorisation of data that offers no business benefits and therefore can be deleted;
3.    Information governance and eDiscovery will converge as a holistic approach to managing data as eDiscovery solutions can systematically categorise and search data easily and quickly.
4.    There will be high demand for experts with the skills to manage ediscovery technologies and use them to build information governance and Big Data management strategies.
5.    There will be a shift towards the simplification of data management and it will be expected that software should enable risk managers to be notified of and search for key risk incidents.

"The fact is that the 'keep everything' approach will no longer work in 2012," said Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy. "Organizations must adopt a 'less is more' strategy to avoid the cost and risk associated with information overload."

Read the full commentary entitled "eDiscovery: Where are we going in 2012?"