Forensic tool recovers cloud-based evidence

The recovery of evidence hed in popular cloud storage services Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Skydrive, and Flickr is now able to be performed by Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) software.

IEF v5.5 supports the recovery of cloud-based evidence from computer hard drives and live memory.

“Cloud storage usage has exploded as people want to share & access their files wherever they are around the world. The positive news for investigators is that there is a wealth of evidence left behind on a hard drive and in RAM when using these cloud services. We are pleased to be the first in the industry to offer comprehensive support for the forensic recovery of cloud-based artifacts,” says Adam Belsher, CEO of JADsoftware, creators of Internet Evidence Finder.

Evidence recovered by IEF varies by cloud service, but can include file names, usernames, user ID, dates, times, and file sizes.

IEF can also recover data left behind within social networking artifacts, instant messaging chat applications, popular webmail application, web browsing history, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications.

IEF v5.5, which includes the new cloud capabilities, will be generally available on June 25, 2012 for the existing IEF price of $US999. Free trials will be available from at that time.