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Enterprise application integration solves many interoperability problems, but one of the most important involves time.

What will records managers be doing at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999?

Workflow is being integrated with middleware to automate e-commerce transaction processing.

Jeff Sussman, managing director, Delphi Consulting Australia, examines the various roles played by advocates of knowledge management.

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The CD 4046 digital document recorder from Canon provides an all in one scan and store solution.

American management specialists Brown and Katharine Linganfelter have taken a significant financial holding in Australian software house Global Competency Systems (GCS).

A handful of vendors are competing for the e-commerce protection business in Australia.

The dropping of the NAA and its replacement with the NEAC is partly a response to criticisms made to NOIE of several elements of the NAA proposal.

Most e-commerce start-ups are struggling to be profitable, despite their valuations and huge increases in turnover.