Enterprise Content Management

Fordela Corporation, a San Francisco-based digital asset management software and rich-media services company, has announced the release of its cloud-based Video Management Solution (VMS) 3.0.

Powered by Trend Micro, DocAve Antivirus for SharePoint is a new anti-malware option that enables realtime, event-based scanning to ensure malware is identified and quarantined before it reaches the SQL database. For organisations already utilising Symantec Scan Engine, AvePoint offers a version optimised for Symantec engines as well.

The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) has begun a major project to archive more than 40,000 hours of video stored in superannuated analogue formats, with the purchase of two SAMMA Solo systems from media migration specialist DAMsmart.

Titus Labs has updated Metadata Security for SharePoint to include support for SharePoint 2010.

Imperva has extended its SecureSphere Data Security Suite to look beyond databases and provide an appliance to prevent and log unauthorised access to unstructured data residing on file servers and network attached storage (NAS).

Blue Coat Systems claims to have cracked the nut of simple Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with a new appliance that combines with its hybrid Secure Web Gateway solution to protect against both inbound malicious threats and outbound data loss.

Mincom has announced a new agreement with Colossus Minerals, a development-stage mining company with an exploratory gold and platinum project in Brazil.

Knowledgeone Corporation (K1Corp) has released a new suite of tools designed to simplify the challenge for organisations offering business processing services and solutions.

Victoria’s Baw Baw Shire Council is underway with an ambitious program to put SharePoint at the heart of its document management strategy, explains Don Tylee, Manager Business Information.

Defence has signalled the way forward for its electronic document & records management with a major upgrade to the latest version of Objective 7.5 for more than 25,000 users within Australia. Defence is also preparing the business case for a huge initiative to extend the reach of Objective to up to 40,000 additional users within Australia and in operational areas across the globe, wherever Australia’s Defence Forces are engaged.