Enterprise Content Management

Symantec claims its new Data Insight technology enables organisations to improve data governance through insights into the ownership and usage of unstructured data , including files such as documents, spreadsheets and emails. 

Objective has signalled it is on the lookout for more acquisitions to expand its footprint in the content, collaboration and process management marketplace, after digesting the UK's Limehouse Software in 2009.

infoXpert has announced the planned release of the infoXpert eDiscovery & Federated Search module for 2010.

Cadac Organice has announced details of a new module for its SharePoint based engineering document management solution, providing workflow management.

A global survey of enterprise security by Symantec found that 75% of organisations have have suffered data breaches within the past 12 months and losses are averaging $US2 million annually. The figure was even higher in Australia/New Zealand, where 89 percent of those surveyed experienced attacks on their IT infrastructure in the past 12 months.

In a deal valued at CDN $35 million, Open Text acquiring specialist ECM provider Nstein Technologies, which is active in markets such as media and information services, life sciences and government.

Glide is launching an integrated file-viewing component for the GDrive that provides instant full-length previews of files in your browser for over 250 different file formats. Sscan the content of your files in your browser without the need to open applications or download files.

Nuance has included a cloud-based PDF-to-Microsoft Office conversion service with its free Nuance PDF Reader, an alternative to Adobe Reader.

The stakes a are high for Project Eden, the codename for a long term project to rollout a single electronic document and records management system across all arms of Australia's Defence forces.

SharePoint’s rapid installation across organisations (and especially within the public sector) is leading to fragmented deployment, which is then causing difficulties when attempting to merge or share content and applications. Organisations that are part of a federation, such as Local and State Councils – can alleviate future integration bottlenecks, reduce investments in application development, increase the rate of eServices delivery and help ensure that stakeholders can share information, by adopting the governance practices from the open source community.