Hotmail joins email space race

Hotmail joins email space race


Not wishing to be left trailing behind its rivals, Microsoft is to boost the storage limits in its Hotmail email service, countering similar moves made in recent weeks by Yahoo and Google.

The changes will see the storage capacity for Hotmail's free service increase from 2MB to 250MB, while for paid subscribers, the 10MB capacity on the $19.95 subscription will be increased to 2GB. The new limits will come into effect from early July.

According to Blake Irving, corporate vice president of communication services for MSN, "with these new offers, storage will not be an issue for MSN Hotmail customers."

Google triggered the supersizing of email storage capacity among the leading providers by announcing that it planned to introduce a new email service called Gmail that would give users 1GB of storage space for free. The plan has, however, raised privacy concerns over Google's intention to scan emails sent across the network for keywords within the text of messages so that it can send targeted advertising.

Shortly after Google's announcement, Yahoo announced that it was to upgrade the storage capacity available to its free users from 4MB to 100MB, while paying customers will receive 2GB of storage space.

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