Channel relations the key for new Hummingbird chief

Channel relations the key for new Hummingbird chief

By Stuart Finlayson

The new Australia/New Zealand managing director of information management systems vendor Hummingbird says he intends to use all his experience in partnering through channels and alliances to grow the company's market share.

Speaking from Canada, where he is currently on business, Tony Hughes told IDM: "We've certainly already gone to market with a very channel-centric business model, but I am absolutely committed to extending what we are doing with the channel. To that end, we are putting additional resources into supporting our channel and are being far more proactive in doing joint business developments."

Hughes added that his extensive experience in channel relations gained during spells at Gateway, Digital and Fujitsu was a major factor in his appointment.

"It was certainly one of the key drivers. There is a very strong focus on growing the business and I certainly believe with the geographic spread of the market we are trying to address that if you try to go direct to market it is very difficult to get penetration, so the channel is very important."

In order to be successful in the market, Hughes feels it is vital to enlist a number of partners with experience in each of the various vertical markets.

"Another thing that is essential for us as a software vendor in order to make that translation between technology and actually being able to deliver solutions for clients is enlisting partners that have strong expertise within vertical markets such as finance and banking or manufacturing and local government. That is absolutely a key ingredient for us to effectively address those markets."

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