Luxury imaging at economy rates

Luxury imaging at economy rates

Technology always filters down from the top echelons; you just have to be patient. Proof of the concept comes from Kodak Document Imaging, which has released a new range of entry level scanners, the i200 series, which feature high end technology from their bigger cousin, the i800.

A spokesperson for Kodak said the scanners would be on the Australian marketplace in October with prices ranging from $12,000 to under $15,000, whilst the add on flat bed is a further $1,485.

Kodak's timing is good, as analyst firm Infotrends recently reported that distributed scanning is likely to increase the demand for a low cost scanner with high end abilities.

The i200 series has delved into the development bin of the i800 and come out with a TriColour CCD Sensor, electronic colour dropout feature, Ultrasonic 3D multi feed detection and has the Kodak Perfect Page imaging system installed. ISIS and TWAIN drivers are installed, along with Kodak's Capture Software Lite. The latter offers indexing and batching features and can be integrated with most document and image management applications.

Kodak claims the i200 can handle up to 5,000 pages a day and 50 per minute, or 100 pages at 200dpi.

"Throughput is expected to range from 40 pages to 80 images a minute at A4 200dpi portrait, to as many as 67 pages at A4 landscape 135dpi,' the company said in a statement.

The detachable flat bed scanner is dockable and Kodak believe this is the first of its kind. It links to the scanner using Firewire technology. The flatbed offers A3 scanning as well as traditional A4 sheet feed.

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