Epson launches PIM

Epson launches PIM

Epson Australia has announced plans incorporate its Print Image Matching (PIM) II technology across its entire photo printer line. These printers will also support Exif Print.

The original PIM technology enabled digital still cameras (DSC) and printers to work together to produce photographs as close as possible to the image the camera captured, with little or no user involvement.

PIM II adds additional features and creates even richer printouts of digital Images on EPSON Photo printers.

Both Minolta and Pentax have released cameras to support this new technology. Current cameras on the market include the Minolta DiMAGE 7i and F100 and the Pentax Optio 330RS and 430RS.

PIM II lets digital camera manufacturers set image specific printing parameters, such as gamma level, colour space, contrast, sharpness, brightness, saturation, shadow point, highlight point, colour balance, noise reduction and custom scene.

The camera saves this information in each image data file. PIM-compatible printers then use this information when they print an image.

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