Verity still number one: Delphi

Verity still number one: Delphi

Delphi Group's latest research into the search and retrieval market has revealed that Verity is still the number one player, a fact that has pleased head of the Australian branch office.

The latest research puts Verity in a clear lead in the search market. For its survey, Delphi defined information retrieval software as being made up of five categories; basic search, advanced search, taxonomy and classification, expertise management with question answering, and ontology's and topic maps. Delphi then carried out a blind poll, asking business managers the name of the vendor they viewed as providing industry leadership in the five segments.

Verity came out top in three of the five classes, basic search, advanced search and taxonomy. According to Delphi, this is 90 per cent of the information retrieval software market.

The latest figures also indicate that Verity has the largest market share in software licence revenues for 2001, and an overall market share of 22 per cent.

Releasing the Delphi figures to IDM.Net, head of the Australian Verity branch office Stephen Cottrell said he was delighted with the results.

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