Data cleaner enters the local market

Data cleaner enters the local market

By Mark Chillingworth

Australian businesses are struggling with the quality of the data they hold. As a result some members of the business intelligence application community are offering new tools to clean the enterprise data. Trillium, from Boston software house Harte-Hanks has been in the area for some time and has just signed a local company to its Global Technology Alliance Initiative. Sydney's Forge Data Solutions will provide Trillium across Australia and New Zealand.

"One of the big issues of data warehousing is that people have lost confidence in their data," said William Rooke, the director of Forge Data Solutions. He said that Forge was uncovering increasing numbers of companies and organisations with data quality issues.

"We looked for a product that could work on this and Trillium was looking for a partner," he said of how the new relationship arose.

Trillium claims to provide clean data through standardising and matching customer data in the data warehouse. It can be integrated into both a batch and online business process environment, such as a call centre customer relationship management (CRM) application or a data entry system. As a result data is consolidated and Trillium claims it ensures a 'trustworthy' view.

"Through its cross platform capable component architecture, Trillium allows us to provide enterprise wide data quality utilising a common set of business rules," Mr Rooke said.

Forge, which is also a reseller of Brio business intelligence (BI) applications, has joined the Trillium global alliance and will be responsible for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Mr Rooke said Forge will be working with existing customers in the business, government and finance arenas. Many are struggling with data quality issues.

"We want to get into the long term infrastructure plans of government and large companies. We are trying to get people to look at it as a base level of their infrastructure."

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