Jewel for email management

Jewel for email management

Australian software firm GMB Research & Development has struck a blow against the time-wasting issue of email with a new application called GMB's Email Manager (GEM).

"Emails aren't controlled, managed or inviolate; they can be deleted or modified," said GMB managing director, Frank McKenna. "The traditional filing area now contains a dangerously incomplete record of transactions."

GEM is designed to manage emails at the server, rather than at the client level. The solution works with Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise and Lotus Domino, and captures, indexes and stores all emails destined to become corporate records.

All emails can be instantly retrieved via GEM's thin-client GEM-TC, which operates with Internet Explorer on PC and Netscape on Macintosh. GEM-TC applies GMB's self-developed security system that allows each user to search all emails, not just their own, through structured and unstructured searches.

The product's free text search engine allows the user to search across any field in an email as well as in the text of attachments.

GEM's relational database uses Microsoft SQL Server and its thin client is based on Microsoft's DCOM architecture using NT and Internet Information Server.

GEM for Exchange will begin shipping in February, and versions for Domino and Groupwise begin later in the year. Pricing starts at $10,000 for the base 10-user package.

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