$50 million for home-made ERP

$50 million for home-made ERP

Canadian software developer Geac Computer is to invest $50 million over the next five years in extending its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Streamline.

Developed in Australia and New Zealand, Streamline is a Microsoft SQL server-based system for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management, with major customers world-wide.

The announcement followed the appointment of former Australian managing director, Harry Debes, as President of Geac ERP Americas and managing director of Geac in Asia.

Geac president and CEO, Doug Bergeron, said, "within the next two years, Geac intends to hire 100 new developers in Australia and New Zealand, more than doubling development staff from the 80 it has now.

"The NT enterprise applications market is a rapidly developing sector and our investment will enable Geac to become a global leader in this market," he said.

Following the recent acquisition of ERP and supply chain software supplier JBA, Geac has become the word's fourth-largest ERP vendor after SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft.

Streamline will be sold through Geac's international chain of offices.The JBA division will take over the worldwide management of this business, including development, sales and support, complementing the existing JBA AS/400 and e-commerce ERP software solutions.


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