Making sense of ASP

Making sense of ASP

The application server provider (ASP) market incorporates so many players that the user can be swamped with the choice of solutions available, and its impact on business processes.

ASPCON will run from March 9-10 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre to explore some of the emerging issues organisations are considering as the ASP model gains momentum.

The conference brings together a number of vendors and experts to present their perspectives on some of these issues, such as changing to the concept of software as a service, security and reliability, choosing an ASP, and the nature of client/provider partnerships.

The conference will also explore less technical issues, such as the impact on staff as their roles change the managing and organisational culture with this new approach to business.

Three international keynote sessions will explore the ASP model's evolution and its future directions. Two case studies, from Australia and the US, will approach how ASPs work from a practical context, looking at the technology's impact on each user's operations and the experiences they have gained through the implementation.

The Linux Open Source Expo & Conference will run concurrently with ASPCON, and will combine plenary sessions and workshops for developers on how to implement Linux-based open source solutions.

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