Managing email systems effectively

Managing email systems effectively

Sydney-based WebSecure Technologies has released a software package for the management of external mail systems.

Developed in response to security concerns, MailMarshal is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) content firewall.

Each installation is customised for individual company requirements to filter emails and attachments through a structured framework without delays or system disruptions.

According to WebSecure, MailMarshal assists companies to secure efficient, economical and ethical use of email, to reduce costs, avoid breaches of security, viruses and damaging legal action.

It also offers protection from loss of intellectual or sensitive materials, halts SPAM and Spoofing, checks for viruses, and maintains network performance by controlling large and inappropriate files.

The solution is designed to work within a framework of a formal corporate email management policy.

Pricing starts at $37.50 per seat based on 100 users.

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