New tool for mobile data capture

New tool for mobile data capture

Telxon has released its PTC-960M modular wireless mobile computer, a handheld PC specifically designed for package delivery, transportation, warehousing, field service, route sales, and similar data collection applications.

Developed in collaboration with industry focus groups, the PTC-960M is built around an AMD Elan SC400 processor running at 100MHz, and comes with MS-DOS 6.22. It will be able to support Microsoft Windows CE in the future.

It includes 4MB RAM (expandable to 64MB), support for up to 48MB of Compact Flash storage, and two PC Card expansion slots to support additional communications or data entry capabilities. The terminal also features an IrDA-compatible infrared communications port, serial port, and connector for an optional Ethernet-attachable communications cradle.

The 240 x 320 resolution 3.78 inch backlit LCD display has an optional touch screen for pen-based data entry. Keyboards are available in 40-key alphanumeric, 35-key alphanumeric, or 28-key numeric.

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