Document scanner moves up to 110ppm

Document scanner moves up to 110ppm

The range of scanners available from Fujitsu now provides integration and compatibility with more than 200 imaging applications.

Key features of Fujitsu's range includes: built-in automatic document feeders for rapid, unattended scanning of multiple documents; a choice of SCSI-II or video interfaces; and on most scanners, flatbeds for books, bound reports, or fragile originals.

Fujitsu's M3093DE/DG scanner offers speeds of 27 pages per minute (ppm) in simplex and 45 images per minute (ipm) in duplex mode. It comes standard with 8MB of memory for resolution output of up to 600dpi, and includes Fujitsu's ScanRight technology, designed to increase ease of use, installation and maintenance.

The duplex document feeder supports paper sizes as small as 4.1" x 5.8" and as large as 8.5" x 25", as well as supporting paper ranging in thickness from onion skin to card stock.

The M3097DE/DG offers production level performance and scanning throughput in portrait mode of 39 A4 ppm in simplex, and 70ppm in duplex. The duplex document feeder supports paper sizes as small as 4.1" x 5.8" and up to 11.7" x 16.54".

ScanRight technology also allows support for dynamic thresholding, image enhancement, OCR smoothing and despeckling.

The M3099EX/GX, a high-performance duplex image scanner handles document sizes up to 11 x 17 inches in size and scans up to 65ppm in simplex mode and 110ppm in duplex mode.

The above products are available in Australia from ACA Pacific, contact 02 9922 5333.

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