Ascent Capture 3 moves to the Web

Ascent Capture 3 moves to the Web

Kofax Image Products has released its first software application that combines document capture, data capture and Internet-based distributed capture in a single application.

Ascent Capture 3's Document-Data-Internet (DDI) architecture solves two document capture challenges within a single interface. Firstly, it adds robust forms processing features which eliminate the pre-scan separation of form and non-form documents.

Its data capture capabilities automatically recognise forms and dramatically increase the amount of data that can be automatically extracted from paper documents. Second, its Internet-based distributed capture eliminates the common and costly practice of shipping documents from remote offices to a central site for processing.

The solution is fully scalable and organisations can increase capacity by adding additional scanning, validation, verification, recognition, or release stations.

One of the key features of Ascent Capture is its batch orientation for processing documents. System administrators use a simple menu driven interface to define processing procedures and rules for each document type to ensure that every document is scanned and validated the same way. An administration module controls the setup and definition of all batch classes, document classes, form types, field types, validation scripts, and release scripts within a highly configurable user interface.

Ascent Capture's built-in PDF support also allows users to publish paper based content to the Web and the solution supports output of normal PDF, image only PDF, and image plus hidden text PDF.

The software ships with release scripts for any ODBC compatible database or for the output of a delimited ASCII file. In addition, release scripts are also available for Eastman Software, IBM, Magellan, Open Text, Optika, PC DOCS, and many more.

Ascent Capture is available from ACA Pacific. Scan station licenses start at $1,795.

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