Unit combines scanner and CD writer in one

Unit combines scanner and CD writer in one

The CD 4046 digital document recorder from Canon provides an all in one scan and store solution and uses simplex and duplex scanning technology to feed and digitally scan up to 39 documents per minute.

Once scanned, images can be displayed on the unit's built-in 6" colour touch panel display and then stored on CD-Recordable discs. Each disc can hold up to 20,000 pages of information.

A built-in CPU and hard drive facilitate scanning and storing functions, and the 4046 runs on Windows 95, making remote access of stored documents possible.

It even determines document size and thickness, adjusting itself so only true image areas are recorded, saving disc space.

The product is being targeted at the legal, insurance, banking, healthcare and government sectors as well as other environments where long-term archival of documents is a requirement.