Denso launches 2D code

Denso launches 2D code

Denso International, a developer of automatic capture products including electronic barcode scanning hardware and software has released a two-dimensional barcode symbology into the Australian market.

Unlike barcodes, a linear code which contains information, in only one direction, the 2D symbology allows information to be stored in two directions - horizontal and vertical which allows high-speed reading of large amounts of data in all directions.

The QR code enables large capacity storage and high density data and error correction, and omni-directional reading. It can be encoded with more information in a much smaller space than conventional linear bar codes making it possible to manage smaller items, which cannot be done with traditional bar codes.

Codes containing 100 digits of data can be read at 32 milliseconds by continuous reading using a camera decorder.

QR code also has error correction capability. Data can be restored even if a part of code has become dirty or damaged.

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