Email archiving problems addressed

Email archiving problems addressed

There are now 50 million email users in the world accumulating literally billions of messages. In response to the need for a solution to their storage problems, a Melbourne-based hypertext and Internet development company has released MailO, an email archival and retrieval system.

MailO, developed by Tony Self, business development manager and director of HyperWrite, addresses the problem organisations have of archiving electronic mail correspondence to satisfy legislative, quality management and business requirements.

Mail10 allows emails to be archived and retrieved.

MailO avoids having to file by the traditional, time consuming method of printing out every email document and filing or microfiching it in archival facilities.

Mail addressed to an email address is collected and archived into an Access or other ODBC database. It is categorised by: the domain name of the recipient, the email address of the recipient, the email address of the sender, the subject and the date sent.

The system has two components: the archiving component, which stores messages, and the retrieval component, which allows recovery of archived messages by sender, subject or date.

These sort and search facilities are designed to make it easier to find mail.

MailO can be used with any Internet or intranet mail server that conforms to the POP standard, and runs on any Windows 95 or Windows NT personal computer.

The mail server and MailO don't have to exist on the same machine or in the same country.

The MailO Archival Component costs US$395 and the MailO Retrieval Component US$95.

Contact HyperWrite; phone 03 9853 3666.