Call centres help establish effective marketing strategies

Call centres help establish effective marketing strategies

A call centre is an organisation's marketing opportunity to die for. It is the direct interface with an organisation's target consumer, providing answers to queries, information to help potential customers make the right choice. It allows organisations to deliver a consistent quality message. It is the basis of an organisation's ongoing relationship with a customer.

A call centre can be an invaluable and ongoing source of market intelligence and information, which can help further refine your product or service. A call centre can be used as the ultimate in customer service.

Call centres can also be used to develop new business through telemarketing, and can increase sales through cross-selling and through improved customer service. Call centres will automate customer interactions, such as Web visits, that are no longer telephone calls and may draw on resources that are distributed throughout the enterprise instead of being in one centralised location.

By establishing call centres in Sydney, the US and Europe, organisations are able to provide 24 hour support. A call centre also delivers a global service irrespective of geographical location, said Mr Mueller.

FC Mueller & Associates (FCMA) is a Sydney-based business consultancy, which focuses on the Asia-Pacific marketplace. "The company originated in Europe and is now assisting European organisations establish a presence in the Asia-Pacific Region, often through a call centre based in Sydney. FCMA combines consultancy with marketing skills to assist organisations develop a strategy and through partnering with technology and communications companies such as Telstra and IBM, it is able to develop effective customer service solutions," said Mr Mueller.

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