Distributed enterprise business recovery

Distributed enterprise business recovery

Stac has established a strategic alliance with US-based BMC Software to deliver business server recovery solutions to distributed enterprise clients.

The alliance is based on joint development between Stac's Replica product line and BMC Software's Patrol technology.

Stac is now a charter member of BMC Software's Patrol Developer network. This is a software developmemt program providing certification and third party application development tools for the Patrol Application Management suite of products.

Patrol is a suite of enterprise-wide information management products. It is designed to increase system availability and performance through proactive event monitoring and management. It supports applications, databases, middleware, messaging, operating systems, networks, Internet servers and other critical resources.

Stac adds HP's expertise

In related news, Stac has added Hewlett-Packard's tape monitoring function into its backup and disaster recovery product, Replica 3 for Windows NT and Novell NetWare.

Hewlett-Packard's Tape Alert is an implementation of the industry standard SNMP alert routing protocol. It is compatible with HP's OpenView and other system management consoles.

Replica with TapeAlert technology is designed to provide network managers with clear warning when problems arise. It should thus eliminate unnecessary errors and ensure maximum data integrity and security.

When operating with compatible tape drives the internal TapeAlert firmware is said to constantly monitor hardware and tapes, checking for errors and potential problems.

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