Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Tom Koulopoulos

Mr Koulopoulos is the founder and president of The Delphi Group, and is recognised internationally as an industry authority on the subject of knowledge management, workflow and technologies for business process redesign.

He was recently named one of the top six consultants in the information industry by Information Week Magazine. He has authored four books, Electronic Document Management Systems: A Portable Consultant and the Workflow Imperative, Smart Companies, Smart Tools and Corporate Instinct: Building a Knowing Enterprise for the 21st Century.

He is a program consultant for World Business Review, a member of Comdex Board of Advisors and a member of the Washington Speakers Bureau, widely accepted as one of the most distinguished lecturer agencies in the world.

As an active consultant Mr Koloupolous advises Fortune 500 clients such as Mobil, Chase Manhattan and the NYSE on the impact, investment opportunity and direction of technology.

Jeff Sussman

Mr Sussman is chief executive officer of Delphi Consulting Group Australasia. He has over a decade of hands-on experience in designing, developing and implementing knowledge and document-based solutions.

Recognising the opportunity presented by the knowledge management revolution, Mr Sussman notes that activity in the information management marketplace has mushroomed over the past three years and Delphi's presence in Australasia provides a critical and necessary yardstick to local businesses who are evaluating the growing number of independent offerings in the rapidly emerging field of information management.

Conference overview

Day One of the conference will be hosted by Delphi's president Tom Koulopoulos. He will spotlight today's smart companies, describe the strategies and methods being used and show themselves how to strategically develop and implement them.

Day Two begins with the Open Panel Forum, a highly interactive session facilitated by Mr Koulopoulos that will answer delegates' questions on the latest industry and product trends. Leading suppliers will share implementation experiences and evaluations.

This will be followed by the Vendor Exhibition, which offers a chance to evaluate products and research technologies all at the same time.

How to register

Contact the Delphi Registration Hotline on 1800 680 688 for details. Delphi are extending a 10 per cent discount to Image & Data Manager subscribers, offering a preferential delegate rate of $1795 (save $200).

In October 1997, The Delphi Group announced the formation of Delphi Consulting Group Australasia (CGA).

Delphi Australasia will draw on the Delphi Group's business model, providing consulting, education and market research services.

Delphi CGA is headed by Jeff Sussman, CEO. Mr Sussman has over a decade of hands on experience designing, developing and implementing knowledge and document-based solutions.

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