Eastman rolls out COLD 3.0

Eastman rolls out COLD 3.0

Eastman Software has released COLD 3.0, a new version of the company's computer output to laser disc (COLD) product with an enhanced, 32-bit client interface and extended data retrieval capabilities.

COLD 3.0 streamlines business processes by allowing access to critical information quickly and without the time, effort and cost required to print, copy and sort paper-based computer reports.

COLD 3.0 offers a new client application that facilitates access to COLD-stored information and OLE interfaces for integration into an organisation's line-of-business applications. It offers high performance server capabilities and hierarchical storage management services.

In related news, Eastman Software has announced that its family of work management solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 are in full beta testing with a number of major test sites.

These new solutions - Eastman Software WorkFolder for Microsoft Exchange (WFX) and Eastman Software Document Manager for Microsoft Exchange (DMX) - comprise a family of scalable, collaborative work management tools for Microsoft Exchange.

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