Object development system links images, audio and text

Object development system links images, audio and text

Computer Associates and Fujitsu have begun shipment of Jasmine, said to be the first object solution for building next generation business systems over Internet and client/server computing environments.

Jasmine comes with libraries for creating and managing multimedia data including bitmaps, animation, audio and full motion video. It supports a range of next generation applications from electronic commerce and customer support to industry specific applications in sectors such as insurance, financial services, health care and telecommunications. Enterprise data connectivity and adherence to industry standards make it easy to connect Jasmine applications to the rest of the information enterprise.

Jasmine allows developers to develop business systems for client/server and Web environments.

Jasmine's simplicity gives both programmers and non-programmers the ability to exploit object technology to meet critical business objectives. By coupling this development with the Internet (or corporate intranets and extranets), Jasmine enables organisations to build systems which are claimed to decrease the cost of finding buyers and sellers, expand markets geometrically and streamline production and payment processes.

Jasmine applications can be deployed in the Internet, heterogeneous corporate intranets to private value added networks and can be run in Web browsers via built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape plug-ins.

Pre-packaged class libraries both from Computer Associates and third parties, allow Jasmine developers to build and deploy applications. This is important not only to professional programmers but also to the swelling ranks of casual developers who are increasingly involved with corporate technology including Web masters, business analysts and other sophisticated users.

Jasmine's object architecture is said to eliminate the overheads associated with mapping objects to relational structures. By using an inherently object-orientated approach in combination with SQL class libraries to reach into existing data repositories, Jasmine users can use object technology without sacrificing investments made in relational data and applications.

Through its data storage and delivery facilities, Jasmine is aid to lower technology deployment costs in addition to enhancing the effectiveness of these technologies.

The initial release of Jasmine supports UNIX and Windows NT servers along with Windows 95 and Windows NT clients.

Pricing for Jasmine starts at $1200.

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