B2B e-commerce on show

B2B e-commerce on show

E-commerce is pervading the way business is conducted, affecting strategies and models, and providing a new set to technologies to realise them.

The rapid growth of the Internet has made it difficult for some organisations to source information on how to use it to their advantage, to capture new markets beyond geographical boundaries, simplify communication channels between partners and suppliers, and enabling applications and archives to be stored offsite and accessed via the Web.

The E Business Partnering 2000 conference and exhibition will explore these issues within a two day program, to provide organisations with the tools they can apply to utilise the Internet to improve partner relationships, as a key to developing business processes.

The event will combine presentations from local and international speakers, who will look at business-to-business e-commerce in the context of generating partnerships to drive business, and the new paradigm the Internet has created: Partner Relationship Management. PRM follows a similar outward focus as Customer Relationship Management, with the aim of maximising relationships between distributors and resellers.

The presentations will also look beyond overview and introduction to the concept, to explore strategies for managing partnerships using Internet technologies, and what kind of return on investment an organisation can hope to gain from them.

As well as these direct presentations, the conference will explore e-business partnership lessons and strategies through example, with a local case study on BHP IT.

For information contact wired commerce on 02 9248 0146.

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