A bridge not too far for ERP

A bridge not too far for ERP

A new joint venture company called Soga has developed a new technology solution which it claims will bridge the gap between enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and virtual shop fronts.

Soga is a partnership between Guava Interactive, an Australian Internet software developer, and JADCO, an Internet commerce consulting and facilities management company.

The joint venture has developed the business to business solution called Online Business Technology, based on specifications arising from consultation with industry and government, catering to the distribution, reselling, ordering, supply and payment processes.

"Our research indicated available applications do not allow companies to migrate their existing business processes to the Internet in a manner that allows for individual business flexibility," said Peter Bray, MD of Guava Interactive.

"This makes the move to e-business inefficient and expensive with current paths available. We have recognised and catered to this need through our partnership with JADCO," said Mr Bray.

JADCO, as a distributor for Soga, will license its technology and payment application to individual customers including competitors of JADCO's "bureau" environment.

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