CA Discovers a Governing Principle

CA Discovers a Governing Principle

October 9, 2008: The addition of a Discovery and Retention Manager module to CA's latest release of its Information Governance Suite is designed to reduce the potential costs of eDiscovery.

CA's Information Governance Suite provides a unified interface for discovery and retention management through the new Discovery and Retention Manager module. Common to both CA Records Manager r12.5 and CA Message Manager r12.5, the module enables federation to other content repositories directly from CA Message Manager, providing discovery and retention management of content across the enterprise.

CA Records Manager is now certified with SharePoint as well as several other popular content management systems and certified for the U.S. DoD 5015.2 v3 standard.

As well as policy-driven controls to help mitigate risk and facilitate litigation preparedness, CA's new Information Governance Suite adds unified discovery and retention management for CA Message Manager and CA Records Manager-managed content.

It also provides Discovery against and retention management for content beyond CA systems, including content in Windows-based file systems and other repositories.

The ability to create policies that create repeatable processes, provides for more consistent preservation and facilitate ease of export across the organisation. It also provides proactive and automated management of file share content based on rules.

The CA Information Governance suite, including CA Records Manager r12.5, CA Message Manager r12.5 and the new Discovery and Retention Manager module is currently in beta and will be available the US Winter 2008.

This release is one of 10 new and enhanced Enterprise IT Management (EITM) and Governance solutions from CA.

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