US eDiscovery Win for Nuix

US eDiscovery Win for Nuix

October 21, 2008: Leading investment bank, First Southwest Company has become the latest US customer of Australian eDiscovery software specialists Nuix, after it signed a deal to use the Company’s technology to consolidate its corporate eDiscovery in-house.

ith the current instability of global financial markets, organisations are looking for ways to reduce cost and enhance efficiencies across their businesses. Consolidating eDiscovery in-house is becoming a popular choice due to the large cost savings that can be made through using technology such as Nuix’s enterprise eDiscovery platform.

Jeff Hamill, CIO, of First Southwest Company commented: “We recently made the decision to bring most of our corporate productions in-house in order to reduce costs and increase both the speed of response and the overall control of the process. We found that Nuix provided the perfect blend of speed, control and cost effectiveness to help us manage this central part of this process.”

CEO of Nuix, Eddie Sheehy, said that Nuix had its enterprise discovery software installed and operating within an hour and had the First Southwest legal team trained and reviewing processed documents online later that same morning.

“First Southwest are using a simple single server solution which enables 20GB of documents to be fully processed per hour or 400,000 emails plus attachments per hour. The FSW team have the option of scaling this solution indefinitely to manage terabytes per day should they have the need to cope with increased demand,” Mr Sheehy said.

CEO of Nuix USA, Morgan Sheehy said: “We’re seeing a strong move by organisations large and small to consolidate both their first review and production and bring them in-house for financial, speed and risk control reasons. To be able to offer an enterprise product like Nuix, which is easy to install and train upon, and can scale indefinitely, places Nuix strongly in this current climate.”

“A legal team, like the one at First Southwest Company, just needs to know that the additional workload they take on from bringing the eDiscovery process in-house can be managed efficiently, and effectively turns the whole process from a liability to an asset,” concluded Sheehy.

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