ECM takes centre stage at TechnologyOne Evolve

ECM takes centre stage at TechnologyOne Evolve

February 27, 2009: TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco made Enterprise Content Management (ECM) a major theme in his opening address to the company's biannual user conference, held this week at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Di Marco told an audience of over 1000 customers and staff that the rearchitected Avand DataWorks product will show the benefits of the company's $A150 million investment in the next generation Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform. India.

"We have one of the most extensive suites of enterprise software in the world today," he said.

"ECM is a huge growth area and a big problem for a lot of our customers."

"They want to know everything is in a central secure repository, and we want that to be simple and easy for them to use.

"We also want to provide them with powerful searching and deep integration.

More than 500 of TechnologyOne's ERP customers have migrated to the Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform which is based on a service oriented architecture on the .NET platform.

TechnologyOne is planning a four-stage release of its Ci ECM suite. The first stage, due within the next six months, will offer close integration with standard email and Microsoft desktop applications, with the ability to drag and drop documents into the ECM repository.

Di Marco demonstrated how the ECM repository will simply appear as a series of folders in Outlook and Windows Explorer, with the added ability to drag and drop attachments.

He committed the company to major new releases of its entire ERP product range every six months, and the ECM product would follow the same timeline.

TechnologyOne plans to introduce the ECM product in 2009 to its existing customer base of over 180 clients in local and state government, health and eduction. A concerted push into state and federal government will follow in 2010, followed by the UK market and Banking & Financial Services.

It is also working to add VERS compliance and the adoption of National Archives of Australia metadata standards with the Ci ECM release.

“Our customers are witnessing unprecedented evolution in our products, and all this is taking place at a rate that would not have seemed possible 10 years ago,” said Di Marco.

Other commitments TechnologyOne is making include the ability to upgrade individual products within its enterprise suite.

“Later this year we will begin sending our customers releases that allow individual products within our enterprise suite to be upgraded. This will be a huge step forward for organisations, because traditionally they have been tied into upgrading everything at the same time, which can prove very expensive and high risk.”

TechnologyOne also announced it has secured two new contracts in the United Kingdom with the University of Hertfordshire and Scarborough Borough Council.

The contract with Scarborough Borough Council marks the company’s first local authority win in the UK, while the University of Hertfordshire provides TechnologyOne with an increased footprint in the UK education sector.

The contract with Scarborough Borough Council will see TechnologyOne provide its Financials and Works & Assets solutions to help the Council manage its financial performance and administer its’ assets.

Scarborough Borough Council will also use TechnologyOne’s Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, and Workflow solutions to monitor its overall performance and manage operations more efficiently and effectively.

The contract with Scarborough Borough Council is worth approximately AUD$700,000 over five years, with implementation running from January to October 2009.

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