If you want to see a bank customer wince, ask them to manually input a series of long numbers or text strings into online banking systems. Yet even though we are well into the “digital transformation era” and despite the customer turnoff, many bank payments still require such painful manual rekeying of data.

Records management is becoming more complicated because of the sheer volume of information within companies. To deal with this deluge, some innovative organisations are moving away from declaring information as records and are managing all organisational information from a retention standpoint instead. However, what is retention management, and how can it be effectively leveraged within organisations?

Research shows that when it comes to process improvement and automation, eighty-one percent of finance departments report having a process owner according to new research by information management analysts at the US Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). Twenty-eight percent of responding organisations positioned themselves as trailblazers – being above average and ahead of their peers – when it comes to the automated invoice processing and billing.

Findex, an Australian provider of integrated financial advisory and accounting services with, will be rolling out iManage Cloud to 3000 users within the next 6 months.

A joint Parliamentary Committee has recommended the government provide funding for an upgrade to technology systems at the Australian Electoral Commission to allow scanning and electronic counting of House of Representatives ballot papers. This would need to be accompanied by extensive technical amendments to legislation that governs the way federal elections are managed in Australia.