Symantec Extends out for eDiscovery

Symantec Extends out for eDiscovery

August 13, 2007: Symantec has launched a line of eDiscovery releases to leverage its Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator.

Symantec says its two new eDiscovery Connectors and supporting services for its Accelerator will tighten up integration with third-party case management, review, analytics, forensics as well as desktop collection tools.

Designed to assist organisations in removing the manual processes associated with eDiscvoery, Symantec’s software works to support the chain of custody and standards set by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Through the release of the E-Discovery Review Connector and the Symantec E-Discovery Collection Connector, Symantec says organisations will now be able to assure an auditable electronic chain of custody on the use of their Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator.

Nick Mehta, VP product management for the Information Foundation Group at Symantec says the tool should assist eDiscovery requirements across multiple internal departments, law firms and service providers.

“Enterprise Vault’s open approach to eDiscovery enable integration with third-party applications that extend the value of the archive and offer customers their choice of eDiscovery applications,” says Mehta.

“The tight integration between the archive and these applications reduces the potential risks and cost of manually moving records, or worse, not being able to product all records required by an eDiscovery order.”

Symantec has also released a range of eDiscovery services to assist customers in identifying what electronic information exists in their organisations, where it’s stored and how quickly it can be retrieved.

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