ABBYY adds content capture and analytic solutions

ABBYY has announced three software development kits (SDKs) designed for applications that retrieve business-relevant knowledge from unstructured information and turn big data into manageable corporate asset. All products are based on the company’s technology for natural language processing, which is claimed to understand the meaning of processed text with almost human precision.

ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK is designed to extract critical data from unstructured information for business analytics and strategic decision making. When processing textual data, the SDK operates on the level of meaning to identify entities, facts and relationships between them – including information like names of people and organisations, dates, geographic objects, events such as speech activities, commercial deals, or facts like employment and family relationships.

ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is also included into the InfoExtractor SDK enabling the analysis of scanned files and PDF documents. In comparison to traditional rule-based or statistical approaches, ABBYY says the language-based analysis of the InfoExtractor SDK delivers deep insight into meaning and relations.

The Intelligent Search SDK aims to turn traditional enterprise search into a genuine exploration tool, enabling users to efficiently unearth all required data across huge volumes of unstructured content. This is accomplished via its semantic capabilities, which ABBYY claims to be able to understand the exact meaning of words and sentences, thus ensuring high accuracy and fullness of search results.

Lastly, the new ABBYY Smart Classifier SDK offers innovative language-based classification technology. It delivers syntactic and semantic analysis of document content to accurately assign all documents into predefined categories. ABBYY says the SDK will allows businesses and organisations to significantly increase content accessibility and transparency. With highly accurate and consistent classification results, delivered by the ABBYY Smart Classifier SDK, organizations can automate many processes that require document sorting, routing and archiving.

ABBYY SDKs can be integrated directly into enterprise information environments for the creation of content-intensive business processes that require reliable and granular content analysis.

ABBYY InfoExtractor, ABBYY Intelligent Search and ABBYY Smart Classifier are available as SDKs. For more information, visit, and

Contact or 02 9004 7401 for any further information.