Updates to LEADTOOLS Document and Medical SDKs

LEAD Technologies has released a major update to the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Product lines. This update includes across-the-board enhancements to Optical Character Recognition including speed, accuracy and memory usage.

In addition to the OCR enhancements, LEAD improved various document formats, updated DICOM Specification compliance, and added new features to the Medical Viewer control on multiple development platforms.

At the forefront of this update is the LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR Engine. Every facet of the LEADTOOLS' OCR algorithm is now faster or more efficient. From high-level operations such as automatic zone detection and page insertion, all the way down to spell checking and memory usage, each piece of the algorithm has been improved. The cumulative effect of these improvements resulted in an 82% speed boost to the overall performance of the LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR Engine.

The improvements to the Advantage engine's AutoZone process did more than play a part in speeding up total recognition time. LEAD's AutoZone algorithm is able to recognize both vertical and horizontal text in the same document. Also, LEADTOOLS AutoZone goes beyond mixed language support and is even able to recognize different character sets such as Latin and Asian.

Several additions and improvements to loading and saving document formats were made, including faster loading times, support for PDF forms and PDF digital signatures, and the Document Viewer control was updated to use ASP.NET MVC and can now load from SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Docs.

LEAD made various improvements to Annotations and Markup, added a new unstructured forms recognition feature, extended customization options for TWAIN Web Scanning, and enhanced the TWAIN engine providing 64-bit apps access to 32-bit drivers.

Developers targeting Medical Imaging markets benefit from updates to the Medical Viewer control including speed, memory enhancements, structured display, image projection, pinch zoom, a new Patient Restrict option, and several new display options for sorting, splitting and scrolling series.

LEADTOOLS DICOM Data Set improvements include support for latest DICOM 2015C Information Object Definitions, exporting and importing Native DICOM XML Model (PS3.19), and exporting to DICOM JSON model (PS3.18). Lastly, the DICOM Storage Server has new features for managing connections and forwarding requests.