A2iA TextReader expands language support

Text recognition developer A2iA is expanding its list of supported languages and character-types, to allow English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German and Spanish documents to be automatically transcribed without a dictionary, regardless of whether written in machine print or cursive handwriting, and transformed into searchable and editable electronic data.

Able to recognize alpha and numeric data, A2iA TextReader is an SDK that does not require customization and can be applied to workflows with existing third-party classification and/or extraction engines for enhanced recognition and automation.

Powered by a unique RNN-based technology developed by A2iA’s in-house R&D Team, users can process entire lines of writing without requiring a prior segmentation into characters or into words, allowing for increased read rates and reduced error rates.

“A2iA TextReader is a simple plug-and-play toolkit that increases an organization’s automation and access to critical revenue-driving data,” said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President and Chairman of the Board. “By delivering users complete processing control with no dictionary or customization required, the process is quick, simple and accurate.”

Applicable to multiple vertical markets and document types, A2iA TextReader can be integrated into global applications for use within the banking and fin-tech, BPO / service bureau, government, Insurance, healthcare, telecom and utilities markets.