SharePoint suite targets collaboration

SharePoint add-ins from have been consolidated into a single, unified offering, updated to that streamline workplace collaboration and make SharePoint easier to use in the enterprise environment.

The new solution allows workers to upload, classify, and share emails and documents to SharePoint and Office 365 from any of their email clients – including Outlook on the PC, Outlook on a Mac, or via an app for Outlook on a mobile device or in a browser.

The company claims it has more than 1.8 million licensed users at over a thousand organisations worldwide.

It says the new suite will make important information and documents easier to find by helping workers properly classify and store important emails and documents in a single, central repository, helping to improve information governance, email management, project management, records management and compliance.

“We focus on the human element of introducing new technology, like SharePoint, to an organisation. By bringing SharePoint and collaboration into the familiar confines of email, we remove the barriers of adoption. Workers stay focused and do not have to go somewhere else to get work done or learn new interfaces or procedures,” said CEO Yaacov Cohen.

“People naturally resist change, so the key to any successful new technology rollout is making the right thing to do the easy thing.”

Other new enhancements include:

A new app that runs within Outlook on the Mac, on mobile devices, and within the browser that enables users to automatically add metadata to saved emails when uploading them to SharePoint

Users can access Office 365 Group files directly from the email sidebar. The ability to view, edit and share Office 365 Group files with colleagues directly from email and the mobile app eliminates the need to navigate to a browser to work with Group files.

Users can now declare an email—one of the most important, but often forgotten, content types—as a record in SharePoint from the sidebar to ease record management and enhance compliance.

Extended Sharing Capabilities allow users to go directly to a colleague’s OneDrive/My Site, and quickly upload multiple images and videos to SharePoint simultaneously.