Digital Workflow with e-Signatures for regulated industries

eSignLive and Nintex are collaborating to enable organisations in regulated industries to complete an entire digital workflow without having to fall back to paper. The new partnership will drive operational efficiencies and improve the overall customer experience.

Available out-of-the-box, the eSignLive connector for Nintex SharePoint 2013 Workflow, provides seamless integration of e-signatures, allowing users to create, send, sign and check the status of any transaction, while pushing the completed and digitally signed document back into SharePoint.

Future integration plans include adding eSignLive to the Nintex Workflow Cloud to easily extend workflow automation and e-signatures in the cloud.

As organisations and government agencies execute digital and mobile-first initiatives, their focus lies not only on digitising internal processes, but also on improving external-facing transactions. An e-signature enabled workflow ensures the process remains 100 percent digital, eliminating manual steps, which can lead to human error.

“eSignLive’s integration with Nintex helps commercial and government organisations, as well as their customers and citizens, realise the immediate business impact of a seamless digital workflow that connects the right people, with the right content, at the right time,” said eSignLive President, Tommy Petrogiannis.

"Nintex is delivering the world’s leading workflow and content automation solutions to improve the way we all work,” said Nintex’s VP of Channels and Product Marketing Josh Waldo.

“eSignLive, as a Nintex Premier Technology partner, plays an important role in helping organizations in regulated industries realize the immediate benefits of becoming a digital business.”